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ABOUT:  Venturing into uncharted territories, Daniel must uncover the truth about his lost identity before time runs out! Meeting a talking cat along the way, Daniel faces dragons, robots, pirates, and kings in order to unlock the secrets of this world.

GENRE:  Philosophical / Science Fiction / Adventure

LENGTH:  172 pages, 50,000 words

Lost Monsters Fear Beasts

Lost Monsters Fear Beasts

ABOUT:  Anaba convinces her brother to leave their secluded island in order to discover the truth about their heritage. Toko faces ridicule as he contemplates his role in the village. Diane and Henry rush to their spacecraft as Earth erupts into flames. A mother does her best to raise six unique children in the wilderness, while also trying to keep them safe from the Beast that roams the stormy jungles.

GENRE:  Science Fiction

LENGTH:  275 pages, 80,000 words

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