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Custom 3D Cinematic Logo FAQ

What services do we offer?

Is your production company ready to take the next steps and create a truly stunning Cinematic Logo Sequence? We can do that.  Do you want to spice up the beginning of your film with some customized 3D text and animations? We can do that, too!  We can do a lot of different things concerning custom logos and 3D motion graphics!  Maybe you have an idea for your logo, maybe you only have a name.  Wherever you are in the process, we can help.

What is a 3D Cinematic Logo?

If you've ever watched a movie, then you've seen a Cinematic Logo.  Most often it is about 15 to 30 seconds (sometimes longer) and appears before the film starts, telling the viewers that they are about to watch a film that has been produced by this company.

Why do I need a 3D Cinematic Logo?

In a rapidly growing industry of production companies and film studios, a logo can get lost in all the noise.  One of the ways that your production company can stand out from the crowd, is for your logo to be animated in 3D.  This will show viewers and customers that your production company is dedicated to professionalism and ready to create a quality product.

How much will it cost?

This entirely depends on the scope of each project.  Some of the factors that affect the price are as follows:​​

  • Do you already have a logo, or do we need to create one for you?

  • How long would you like the animation to last?  15 seconds?  30 seconds?  Longer?

  • What resolution would you like the sequence to be rendered at?  1080p?  4K?

  • Is the project on a time crunch?  Do you need it to be done ASAP?

  • Will we need to film certain live-action elements to complete the vision?

Most projects will land somewhere between $1,600 to $3,000 depending on all of those factors, but the best way to find out is to contact us with your project description and budget, and we will do our best to deliver a product that all parties are satisfied with.

What will be delivered?

Depending on what your specific project needs, any of the following may be delivered to you:

  • 3D Cinematic Logo Video File (.mov or .mp4)

  • Logo Assets Package

          -   Vector Files of 2D Logo

          -   PNG Files with Transparent Backgrounds

          -   JPEG Files with Flat Backgrounds (For Print)

          -   Photoshop & Illustrator Files with Individual Editable Layers

How do we get started?

If you're ready to have your very own custom 3D Cinematic Logo or Title Sequence, go ahead and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.  Be sure to give us as many details you have about the project so that we can be extra helpful when figuring out pricing.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Let's Get Started!

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