If you haven't already seen it, here's the link to my original TikTok which explains a little bit about the birth of this project. I also have an FAQ section further down the page, if you'd like to learn more.


I am so excited to be able to share this fan edit with those who have a Disney Plus membership! I have done this re-edit out of the love I have for Star Wars and the excitement I have for the new content we’re getting from Lucasfilm.


The Obi-Wan show, in my opinion, suffered from things that were easily fixable in the script and in the edit... awkward pacing, whole scenes that ultimately amounted to nothing, goofy dialogue and directing choices, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and change what I could. I want to be very clear, this is my own artistic interpretation of how these scenes could be strung together to make something that works better for me personally.


This is all done as a fan, for the fans, and I am not making any money from it. I really hope you enjoy this 2.5 hr movie interpretation of the Obi-Wan Kenobi Show.



I do not own any of the material as this is just a fan edit. DO NOT watch or download this movie if you haven't paid for a Disney Plus subscription. Let’s make sure we’re supporting all the original artists on this show by not letting this become a means of pirating. Owning a Disney Plus subscription will give you access to the 6 episodes of the Obi-Wan Kenobi show that have been repurposed for this fan edit. By clicking the links below and downloading the files you are confirming that you have a Disney Plus subscription and can access the entire series legally.



Do not share this link publicly, so we can do our best to keep this edit out of the hands of movie pirates! Let’s use the Force for good, not evil! Remember, this is for Disney Plus subscribers ONLY!


Update: Keeping this movie up has been difficult, but with thousands of people emailing me each day I've been trying my best to find solutions. I took it down for a few days in hopes that we could get the attention of Lucasfilm or Disney to get it onto Disney+ but I think it's clear at this point they don't plan on making any official response. So, for now, I have made the video viewable again, but I'm not sure for how long. Thank you to all who have sent me kind messages!




If you’d like to support me in any way it would be greatly appreciated! I am an LA based writer, director, VFX artist, editor, etc. and I’m constantly working on new things! Check out the rest of my website, which has all my short films, and will be updated regularly when I'm working on new things. Below are also great ways to support me and keep up to date with what I'm up to!


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There has been a huge press buzz around my edit, which has been super weird and unexpected... most kind, some not so kind. I'll link some of the biggest ones below: (ScreenRant's article is my favorite)

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Q: Is there a 4K Version?

A: Yes! I'm working on a 2.0 edit that has a few slight fixes/changes, and will include classic Star Wars wipe transitions between scenes. This 2.0 edit will be 4K.

Q: When can we expect the 2.0 4K Edit?

A: I'd love to give you a definitive answer for this question but I don't want to disappoint anyone, and I also don't want to rush it out just because I gave some arbitrary deadline. I've been running into some issues trying to link the 720p edit to the new 4K files and my computer is not happy with me. So, I've been going through everything slowly to make sure there are no glitches. There's also a couple of scenes I'd like to fix with CGI which takes a long time, but I promise the wait will be worth it.

Q: What's different in the 2.0 Edit?

A: I've been smoothing out some transitions here and there (obviously adding the Star Wars wipe transitions like I mentioned), trying to rework the music too because I got a lot of complaints that it was too loud. I've also received thousands of emails with feedback and I'm trying to go through all of them. There have been a lot of good suggestions that I want to try and work in but I also want to make sure I'm telling the Kenobi story that I want to see, because that was always my intention with this project. I've added back in some of the beginning Leia scenes, the biggest one being Leia and her cousin (I think I reworked it in a way that makes it feel a lot less goofy, which is why I originally took it out.) I fixed the scene where Disney forgot to put Vader's breathing sound effects when he's talking to Reva's hologram for the first time. Right now I'll say for the most part the edit will still feel very much the same as the first one, I don't plan on removing or adding anything major, I know there are much leaner edits out there, so you're welcome to check those out instead. If you want to make sure you don't miss out on the 4K release make sure you subscribe to my email list.

Q: Are there subtitles?

A: Yes! There have been a few very kind volunteers who have created subtitles for their native languages, available for download on the watch page. If anyone has made other subtitles in a language not already on the list please email me at with the subject line "Subtitles".

Q: No opening crawl?

A: Personally, I think opening crawls should be reserved for the episodic films. I wanted this film to feel more like Rogue One, since it is more of a one-off project that connects to the greater saga.


Q: Did you cut Reva out completely?!

A: Nope. Nor did I want to. My intention was to actually make her a much stronger character. Like a lot of things in Star Wars, I think Reva is a really cool concept for a character but I don't think she was executed very well. In my original TikTok I started to talk about WHY I think Reva didn't work well in the show. I think our feelings about a character are influenced by how other characters feel about them. Reva was constantly talked down to and belittled by the other Inquisitors, constantly told that she was being too reckless, told that she was a fool for still wanting to catch Kenobi. We were informed by those characters that she was being annoying and too much. When editing her arc, I did my best to cut those things out so she was a more commanding presence. I want to be very clear that I do not condone any Reva-hating! Moses Ingram did a great job with the material she was given to work with.

Q: Why didn't you de-age Anakin in the flashback scenes?

A: De-aged Anakin will be in the 4K 2.0 cut.

Q: Will you re-edit other projects? (Sequel Trilogy, Boba Fett, Mandalorian, Marvel Shows, etc.)

A: I've teamed up with Pentex Productions to re-edit The Book of Boba Fett. You can check that out by clicking here. As for the future, I'm not sure. It's possible. I've always wanted to do something with the Sequel Trilogy but no promises. I'm a writer, director, editor, and VFX artist, so I like to spend most of my time creating my own stories. Re-editing Kenobi was a great exercise for me to hone my craft and really understand story structure in a feature film.

Q: Do you think you know better than the professionals that worked on the show?

A: Not at all! I know that everyone who worked on this show did the best that they could do. I know that sometimes working on huge projects like this it's hard to fully realize your vision with budget constraints, tight deadlines, studio interference, etc. All of this said, I am a firm believer that you can and should be critical of things that you love. I made this edit because there were things I wanted to fix for myself and I posted to TikTok to see if anyone else had any interest in the work I did. It turns out a lot of people felt the same way. I hope that my edit doesn't at all take away from those who really loved the series as is, that's totally cool with me.

Q: What are you doing next?

A: I'm currently working as a VFX artist on an indie feature film, but my next personal project is called "The Caligo Cuckoo," which will be a 10-15 minute short film inspired by the old Twilight Zone episodes, Here is the description: "Stumbling into an empty bar in the middle of a stormy night, drunken Rick tries to ignore his life's problems. A mysterious man appears from the shadows to offer Rick a better life... All he has to do is win a game of pool. If only it were that simple." If you follow my social media above you can stay up to date with the projects I'm working on.



I've already received so many kind messages from people who were able to watch my cut. But I'm mostly just so grateful that people are taking the time to share their thoughts with me and even offer feedback. I love to learn new things and improve my work!

Thank you,