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Stumbling into an empty bar in the middle of a stormy night, drunken Rick tries to ignore his life's problems. A mysterious man appears from the shadows to offer Rick a better life... All he has to do is win a game of pool. If only it were that simple.


The Caligo Cuckoo was slated to be filmed in 2020 but was postponed due to the global pandemic.

As the US continued to struggle with COVID-19, we even considered turning this film into a 3D animated short using cutting edge virtual production technology but ultimately decided against it.

Eventually we decided to shoot it live-action in LA and I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out.


My mom showed me the Twilight Zone Series as a kid and I would watch the reruns on TV all the time. I loved how each story would transport you to another dimension with endless possibilities, usually with some kind of sinister twist in the end. They felt like old ghost stories you'd tell your friends around a campfire, cautionary tales of sorts.

The show made a huge impact on me at a very young age and I wanted to create a film that gave me the same feeling today.

Caligo Cuckoo is a story about losing sight of what's important. It's about seeing yourself in someone else's shoes, not with empathy but envy.


The Caligo Cuckoo was filmed mid June for two days. We had to cram a lot of work in a short amount of time but I'm very proud of what we were able to accomplish.


We are now in the middle of post-production. The edit was completed mid July and our next steps are color, sound, and a few VFX shots.


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