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          In the small town of Caulfield, Kansas, something sinister is lurking through the woods.  After a traumatic night, Patrick is taken into police custody and questioned about what exactly happened to him and his friends, Mitchell and Kasey.

Caulfield Killer Movie Poster
Trailer #1

     The Caulfield Killer was first conceptualized in the Fall of 2014 with the intent of being released by Halloween of that year but was unfortunately scrapped due to time constraints.

     In the summer of 2016 it was decided by Director Kai Patterson and Producer Vince Lomascolo that they would revisit the story and possibly release it before Halloween.  Some major rewrites ensued as Patterson just wasn't happy with the believability of the script, but a few weeks before the first scene was filmed, Patterson and Lomascolo agreed on a story that they both seemed to like.  The rewrites would continue all the way through principal photography.

     Shooting began in late September, giving only one month for production and post production in order to hit the October 28th release date.  There were many struggles here and there getting everything to work out with scheduling among all the crew and actors, but by some miracle, about a week before October 28th, all that was left to do was compose the soundtrack and mix all of the audio.  After a few very late nights / early mornings the music was finished and the tracks were all mixed.

     The movie was released on October 28th and 29th, 2016 as a Principia College Film Club sponsored event in a small theater on the Principia College Campus.  It was later released on YouTube on October 31st of the same year.

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