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          Maya's irrational fear of Halloween keeps her from enjoying the night with her babysitter, Ashton.  Maya tries her best to get over her fears as the two pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters that come by, but even Ashton is unsettled after a particularly tense confrontation with a strange man at the door.  Maya and Ashton try everything they can to stay alive on Halloween night.

Ready Or Not Movie Poster
Trailer #1

     Ready Or Not was the first film made by Director Kai Patterson, and Cinematographer Vincent Lomascolo, that was shot on a RED Camera, which dramatically changed their team-workflow.  It was written, shot and edited in a little over a month.

     In the summer of 2017, Patterson wrote a short horror film that he intended to produce for Principia College's "Scary Movie Night" Film Club event.  There were a couple revisions until it was ultimately scrapped in order to start conceptualizing a film that ended up becoming Ready Or Not.

     In one night, Lomascolo and Patterson developed the story and in a few days Patterson had completed the first draft of the script.  After several hefty revisions, the film began principal photography in mid-September.  Due to some scheduling nightmares, another three pages ended up being cut from the script in order to actually finish the movie in time.  After many late shoots and a couple all-nighters the short film was finally completed.

     The movie was released on November 3rd and 4th, 2017 as a Principia College Film Club sponsored event in a small theater on the Principia College Campus.  It was later released on YouTube on November 7th of the same year.

     Later, in May of 2018, the film was entered into the 14th Annual Principia College Film Festival and won Best Cinematography Judges' Choice and Best Picture Viewers' Choice.

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